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Shower Enclosure

Shower Enclosure


Shower enclosures are a fantastic finishing tampered Glass to a bathroom design and add that little bit of extra luxury. We have variety of glass systems like mention above and many more. Sliding shower doors are a mainstay in many of the bathrooms we supply. They are a great space-saving solution since the door itself doesn’t open outwards into the bathroom. But on like others, ours has a roller at the top whereby it doesn’t allow the bottom of the glass to reach down, and call for less cleaner and maintenance.

Hinged door shower enclosures offer a spacious and luxurious showering experience, a great option for anyone who likes to indulge in a heavenly shower! Available in both quadrant and curved designs, the hinged doors open outwards to allow for easy access and maximum comfort within the enclosure. With designs ranging from minimalist and simple to elegant and contemporary, you can find the ideal shower to suit the style of your bathroom.

A quadrant shower closure brings both luxury and functionality to your bathroom. With glass doors that slide open, a quadrant unit is a space-saving solution that suits the layout of small bathrooms and modern design systems.

You’ll also want to consider the thickness of glass. Shower enclosure can be 6, 8 or even 10mm thick, with prices being loosely related. A thicker door is a sturdier, stronger door (usually!) and 10mm thick is our preferred option.